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Our 5th graders had a task to make a poster of their favourite animal, write some basic facts about it and present it in front of the class. These are  some of the great posters they've made. Enjoy!


The golden record NASA placed a  message aboard Voyager 1 and 2, a kind of time capsule, intended to communicate a story of our world to extraterrestrials. The Voyager message is carried by a phonograph record, a 12-inch gold-plated copper disk containing sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth. 

Our 6th graders made their own golden record with the materials they would send into the space.



Blackout Poetry is a form of “found poetry” where you select words that catch your interest from a newspaper, book, or other printed text – along with a few additional words to make it flow. Then you “redact” all the words you don’t want. This is often (but not always) done with a black marker, hence the name “blackout poetry”. Your chosen words will form a new message, giving the text a whole new meaning.

Blackout poezija je oblik tzv. "nađene poezije" gdje se odabiru riječi iz novina, knjige, bilo kojeg tiskanog teksta, a koje na neki način zainteresiraju autora. Tada se ostale riječi zatamnjuju uglavnom crnim markerom, a odabrane riječi postaju stih ili poruka.

Pogledajte kako su to napravili naši prošlogodišnji učenici 8.a i 8.d razreda. Zbog trenutne situacije, njihova je poezija ugledala svjetlo dana tek ovo proljeće.






Dear students,

teacher Nikolina has created several presentations for the purpose of online lessons. They can help you revise or get to know these lessons better. 

5th grades

Hello, world! 5

Unit 3 Ready, set, go!

Unit 3, Lesson 1 A

Unit 3, Lesson 4 -


6th grades

Hello, world! 6

Unit 3, Lesson 1A 

Unit 4, Nouns

Unit 4, Lesson 3


7th grades

Hello, world! 7

Unit 3, Lesson 1A

Unit 4, Lesson 5






















Happy St Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated annually on March 17, the anniversary of his death in the fifth century. The Irish have observed this day as a religious holiday for over 1,000 years. On St. Patrick’s Day, which falls during the Christian season of Lent, Irish families would traditionally attend church in the morning and celebrate in the afternoon.The holiday has evolved into a celebration of Irish culture with parades, special foods, music, dancing, drinking and a whole lot of green.

On the links below you can see how St Patrick's Day is celebrated around the world and then read some facts and do the quiz. - 2021 Festivities from around the world - 2019 St Patrick's Day parade in New York - Info worksheet - Quiz worksheet



 Happy Valentine's Day with the one of the most beautiful sonnets in the world.










Sonnet 18 is one of the most famous Shakespeare's sonnets. The poem was likely written in the 1590s, though it was not published until 1609. Like many of Shakespeare's sonnets, the poem wrestles with the nature of beauty and with the capacity of poetry to represent that beauty. Praising an anonymous person (usually believed to be a young man), the poem tries out a number of clichéd metaphors and similes, and finds each of them wanting. It then develops a highly original and unusual simile: the young man's beauty can be best expressed by comparing him to the poem itself.


Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is here! 

Here you can find songs, colouring pages, cartoons, DIY Christmas decorations, the story of Christmas, how Christmas is celebrated throughout the world, and many more... Have fun, enjoy Christmas activities and have a very merry Christmas! - The Story of Christmas - Christmas around the world - reading - Christmas around the world - video - Christmas traditions and customs - DIY - Making a paper Santa - DIY - Easy paper Santa - DIY - Making a paper Rudolph sticking out his tongue - DIY - Easy Rudolph ornament - DIY - Making a paper Christmas tree - DIY - 5 Christmas decorations - DIY - Quick and easy Christmas decorations - Songs - Christmas songs for children (32 min) - Songs - Popular Christmas songs with lyrics - Christmas colouring pages (printables) - Christmas colouring pages (printables) - Donald Duck - Toy Tinkers (cartoon) - Pluto's Christmas tree (cartoon) - Santa's Surprise (cartoon) - Festive holidays with Mr. Bean (cartoon) - Hey, Deer! (cartoon) - Tom and Jerry "The Night before Christmas" (cartoon) - Merry Christmas Mr. Bean! (full episode)







Thanksgiving (Dan zahvalnosti) is a holiday celebrated in the USA and Canada. In the USA it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November and in Canada on the second Monday in October. It is a very important holiday for both the Americans and the Canadians and you can learn more about it in the two videos on the links below. After watching, you can read some more about the holiday, and then give it a try and do a quiz and some exercises connected to it. Have fun and happy Turkey day! - History of Thanksgiving - History Channel - The Story of Thanksgiving by Plymouth Rock - The Story of Thanksgiving - reading - National Geographic Kids - Wordsearch - worksheet - worksheet - worksheet - a quiz



  It's Halloween time!

Pročitajte što je Halloween, kako i kada je nastao, gdje se, kako i zašto obilježava. Okušajte se u zadacima, a možete i napraviti svoje Halloween ukrase. - The Origin of Halloween - National Geographic - DIY Halloween decorations - Two sentence stories - Halloween vocabulary (super easy) - The History of Halloween - Halloween quiz - Halloween crossword


Recipes 2017.


Prije par godina naši su bivši učenici dobili zadatak da napišu svoj omiljeni recept na engleskom. Teacher Nikolina je prikupila stotinjak recepata, a neke od njih je odabrala i objedinila u digitalnoj knjižici "Our favourite recipes". "Proscrolajte" i možda nađete ideju za ručak ili desert.

Recepte možete vidjeti ovdje.

EDL - European day of languages

Europski dan jezika smo obilježili učenjem kako se predstaviti na europskim jezicima: ruskom, španjolskom, talijanskom, češkom, nizozemskom i onima koje učimo u našoj školi - njemačkom i engleskom. Kako su to napravili učenici 7.e pogledajte u videu.

"Let me introduce myself in..." 


Youtube videos

Draga djeco,

ovdje su poveznice za Youtube videa koje je napravila teacher Nikolina, a koji vam mogu pomoći u učenju engleskog jezika. Prikladni su za učenike od 4. razreda nadalje, a i mlađi slobodno pogledaju:-)

Present Continuous  

What's the time

Street food


Charles Dickens



Body parts and illnesses

Writing emails

Comparison of adjectives

Kahoot kvizovi

Draga djeco,

ovdje su poveznice na neke Kahoot kvizove kojima možete pristupiti i ponoviti svoje znanje iz engleskog jezika. Kvizovi su podijeljeni u kategorije. 

Za svaki kviz je potreban PIN. Uživajte!

FOOD -  

Game PIN: 01130998


Game PIN: 01398895


Game PIN: 01672044

5. razred - razno:

 Game PIN: 01875328


Game PIN: 01553286


Game PIN: 0980045

Natjecanje iz engleskog jezika

23.  siječnja 2020. u našoj škloli provedeno je Školsko natjecanje iz engleskoga jezika. Natjecanju je pristupilo trinaest učenika osmih razreda.

Na Županijsko natjecanje koje će se održati 3. ožujka 2020 u OŠ Dobriše Cesarića plasirali su se Karla Nikolić, 8. a i Lovro Lubina, 8. d.

Čestitamo im i želimo im puno uspjeha!

Ako se želite okušati u rješavanju testa s ovogodišnjeg Školskog natjecanja, feel free to go!


Priloženi dokumenti:
2020 OS skolska razina test.pdf

Pomoć u učenju engleskog jezika

Na poveznici British Councila možete naći dodatne vježbe za učenje engleskog, aplikacije, igre...

Riddle of a week

Try answering this riddle without using Google. You can give your written answer to your teacher. Good luck!

A woman was horrified to find a fly in her tea. The waiter took her cup and went into the kitchen and returned with a fresh cup of tea. She shouted, "You brought me the same tea!" How did she know?

Poveznice za lakše učenje engleske gramatike

Na sljedećim poveznicama možete naći vježbe za lakše učenje engleske gramatike.

St Valentine's Day - 4.d i 4.e

Učenici 4.d i 4.e su izradili divne čestitke za Valentinovo!


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